League Rules


Nonsuch Junior League Rules and Information 2019-20



All Nonsuch Junior League matches adhere to the IFNA Rules of the Game currently in force, except where specific regulations apply locally or are changes are specified in this document. Each club must be represented at the Pre-Season Meeting (September 14th 2017)


2.   VENUE

Nonsuch School requires reassurance from us that all clubs participating should have a CRB/DBS checked representative present and Child Protection policy in place. Nonsuch Business Enterprises will not be held responsible for any incident relating to Child Protection.

League Child Protection Officer

Laura Pawley This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Mob: 079521186434



Each section will have a Division Secretary who will

  1. Make final decision re cancellation of
  2. Be present on the day
  3. Remind host clubs of their responsibilities prior to the
  4. Hold the appropriate paperwork for dealing with any problems/ enquiries on the
  5. Remind clubs of match cancellation policy
  6. Store results/kit box and bring it to each fixture
  7. Enter results into a website within a few days of the
  8. Resolve disputes on the If not resolved, remind the clubs involved that they must write within 7 days



  • High 5s
  • U12 & U13 Division
  • U14, U15 & U15/16Division




The first club named is to liaise with the other 2 clubs to sort out responsibilities for the day

  1. Between the host clubs they are to organise Hooter & stopwatches are provided by the league. (2 people at desk at all times, at least 1 must be over 16 years old)
  2. Hand out umpire cards with the appropriate colour for each age (To be provided by Patricia Balcombe – Surrey Heath)
  3. Place results box in a prominent (Division Sec. to take results)
  4. Bring bin liners and make sure that the courts are left litter
  5. Make sure someone is allocated to see that toilet area is checked should there be a fire alarm.



  1. Teams should apply through Gill Gardner, to organise refreshments .
  2. The Club must then liaise directly with the facilities booking staff through Tina O’Donnell at Nonsuch High School re use of equipment Tel: 0208 394 1308
  3. The League will pay for the hire of the venue and clubs will be charged £40 when providing
  4. Any profit made after this contribution go totally to the club.


  1. Each team must have a CRB/DBS registered adult with them on each The girls need to know who their responsible adult is on is on the day.
  2. Out of courtesy if you are unable to field a team at any matches please inform the opposition and Patricia Balcombe Points will then be awarded to the non- cancelling team plus a 15-0 goal score.
  3. Each club must provide a REGISTER OF GIRLS PLAYING IN EACH FIXTURE before the start of play .
  4. Teams to provide an umpire, bibs and match ball for each team
  5. Each club must provide its own first aid kit
  6. Toilets and changing rooms will be open for
  7. Ensure that girls are on court promptly or penalties will be (See section re timing).
  8. Courts must be left in a clean and tidy Ensure all rubbish is cleared away before you leave the courts.



  1. Boys may be played in line with the N A High 5’ rules
  2. ROTATION/ REGISTRATION Clubs will be sent a rotation sheet which they should bring along and fill in with the players’ names and hand in to the desk before each match. Rotation to follow on for 2nd match on same day
  3. Players may only be named on one team
  4. New rotation to start at next fixture
  5. CENTRAL 4x 6mins , 1 min between quarters , 2 mins between matches
  6. Size 4 ball to be
  7. There will be no time allocated for injuries – so play reserves In High 5’s swap in timekeeper if necessary and continue rotation from that point.
  8. Each club to provide own Recommend some lenience providing guidance rather than penalty- in the Spirit of the game.
  9. U 11 Players may also play in the u12 Senior Division of the League
  10. The Hi 5 squad must consist of 7-9 players, with 5 on court at any one A penalty of 2 points will be deducted from the team for every match played with less than 7 players.




Teams will be accepted using the following criteria:

  1. All ‘Founder Clubs‘ may enter 1 team per
  2. After this, teams who entered in the previous year (from U12 onwards) will be given preference over new applicants for next year’s division (e.g. a team who were in U12 division will be given preference in the following year’s U13 division)
  3. Any teams already in the league will be given priority over applications from new
  4. If there are spaces, other applications would be looked at and decided by the
  5. The committee’s decision will be final

Note: Hi 5 teams will not automatically be given a place in the senior section the following season.

  1. To be reviewed annually
  2. The C division is for 3rd teams / weaker The C Division and U15 division is going to be run on a year only basis with the 2 main factors below needing to be considered:


  1. if there is a need for these Divisions
  2. a volunteer to run


  1. There is no automatic progression from the C Division into Nonsuch League’s main 2 divisions and this division is solely being run if and when the League feels there is a need to help provide more girls with netball who are not playing competitive netball in the mainstream divisions or other
  2. In all age groups, if a club cannot field a team in either of the 1st or 2nd original fixtures of the season, the place will be offered to the first team on the waiting
  3. In all age groups, if any team cancels their match and doesn’t attend the day at all, the team will forfeit the points with a score of 15-0 and an additional penalty of 5 points will be deducted. However, if the team cancel and still attend and play the game as a friendly, they will still lose 15-0 but will not incur any penalty


Clarification – if 3 games are cancelled on one day, that will be a 15 point deduction.




Crystal Palace





Surrey Heath








  1. Team registers are to be provided by the league.
  2. A team sheet will be emailed to each club this must be filled in indicating the players in each team squad, a minimum of 7 players to be registered in each team. A one-time penalty of 2 points will be deducted if less than 7 players are registered.
  3. Each week teams must record the players on the back of the specially printed umpire Indicate on the form where players are borrowed from lower Divisions.
  4. All players must sign the 1st scorecard for games they Then on subsequent cards the coach should write "same as match 1" or "same as match 2" on each card. All scorecards should be signed by the coach with any changes to players noted on the card. Penalty of 2 points occurs for non compliance.
  5. The umpiring card with names recorded must be handed in to the desk before the end of the Failure to do this will lead to a penalty of 2 points being imposed.
  6. Any player may play ‘up’ one age group without
  7. If a club wishes a player to play up more than one age group, that player must be identified as a talented player and must be involved in the Development pathway for their A letter from the county coach confirming this must be submitted to the Division Secretary before the player plays up.
  8. Senior Section (u12, 13, 14, 15, 16): ‘B’ team players may play in the same age ‘A’ team for 2 matches, on playing a 3rd time for the higher team they must stay in that team.
  9. Please try not to cancel Any team that cancels 4 or more matches will be withdrawn from the league and they will lose their place in the older division for the following season.
  10. Players may be borrowed from higher squads in the same age group or other clubs to avoid However the other team will automatically be awarded the win & the game will be played as a friendly with a 15-0 match score with 5 points for the win. Please liaise with the opposition coach should this happen.
  11. Squad size is at the discretion of the The League will provide 10 medals to the winning squads. More can be bought by the clubs should squads be larger.
  12. Hi 5 sections (u10 and U11) : ‘B’ team players may play in the same age ‘A’ team for 3 matches, on playing a 4rd time for the higher team they must stay in that team.



  1. Teams to provide one umpire of an appropriate standard for each team
  2. If using inexperienced umpires, they must be mentored by a mentor umpire at
  3. Umpire cards to be collected from desk on presentation of team .
  4. Matches to be umpired by clubs own umpires who may coach at Half time
  5. The league will provide neutral umpires for the senior divisions (U14, 15, U15/16).


13.  TIMING:


  1. 4 x 8 mins straight turn around (substitutions may be made) except at half –time, when there is a 2 min coaching break, 2 minutes between matches
  2. Please ensure that girls are on court Matches will be timed from their allocated start time. If teams (less than 5 players) are more than 1 minute late on
  3. court they will forfeit the match giving both points and a 15-0 goal score to the team present. If less than 1 minute late the game will start and the late team may participate (or add players) after a goal has been
  4. Umpires may call Time for blood or injury, but no time will be added on at the end of the match. Central timing will When play is stopped by the umpire for injury, players may leave the court for treatment and return after a goal is scored. Substitutes may be made in the case of injury, and the injured player may change positions. In High 5’s swap in timekeeper if necessary and continue rotation from that point. The overwhelming consideration of all adults and officials should be for player’s welfare and safety.



Score cards to be put in box at Central control table.

5 Points for a win 3 points draw

1 point for over half score

Should a match be cancelled for any reason, the team which did not withdraw will be awarded 5 points and a 15 goal difference for that match.

All results will be available to view on the league website after each fixture. Do check the results on www.nonsuchnetball.co.uk

Overall results will be calculated at the end of the fourth meeting where, medals will then be presented.



  1. Any complaints made about umpires, players, spectators etc must be made firstly to the Division Secretary on the day, who should speak to the parties involved in the hope that the problem can be immediately
  2. Should any more actions need to take place, the club main contact should contact the Divisional Secretary All communications should come from the one main contact nominated at the Nonsuch Junior League AGM.



Should a satisfactory outcome not be reached:

  1. A report should be sent in writing and to be received by the League’s Secretary within seven (7) days of the date of the match.
  2. The League may pass any complaints involving umpires to the appropriate SCNA
  3. Any complaints about umpires, players and/or spectators received by the League will be investigated by a committee comprised of the League’s elected officers, except where the elected officer(s) has direct knowledge of, or is the subject of the
  4. If the investigation reveals a bone fide case to be answered, in accordance with the England Netball’s disciplinary advisory notes (as published from time to time), the League will hold a disciplinary hearing (attended by a representative of the SCNA) and, as appropriate, may penalise the umpire, player and/or
  5. The ‘offending’ club must be advised by the complaining club immediately and in writing of each complaint.
  6. The Committee’s decision will be final and binding.
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